Add Your Blog Posts to Facebook FanPage or wall Automatically

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RSSGraffiti App

To add your blog posts to your facebook wall or fan page automatically firstly you need to add an application called RSS Graffiti to your facebok account first. There are many RSS applications to auto publish your blog’s content google's feedburner,RSS Graffiti,so many..but RSS Graffiti is better perform with facebook. These apps adds your RSS feeds, monitors for any update and publish it automatically to your facebook profile or fan page so you don’t need to share each posts manually everytime.
1. Sign in to

2. Open RSS Graffiti App

3. Choose your profile and/or fan page from left column and click green

“+Add Feed” button on the right.

4.Put in your blog’s feed URL and make other changes below that.

Click Preview to confirm the link and to view how it will look like as an update status.

5. Hit “Save” and that’s it.

Now whenever you publish a post to your blog, it will automatically be published within seconds to your facebook account.

site reference:-

Hodgepodg cocc

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