Top new trick for free internet on mobile

Top trick oct 2011 (100% working trick for free gprs on idea and airtel mobiles)


1.Opera mini moded version for free airtel GPRS >>> Download

2.UC Web moded version for free airtel gprs >>> Download

Use airtel GPRS at below 0.60 balance.


1.Opera mini moded vesion for free !dea gprs >>> Download

2. Operamini 6.1 version for idea free internet (gprs)>>> Dowload

3.UC Web moded version for free !dea gprs >>> Download

Use idea gprs at bleow 0.60 balance.

or download any Operamini Handler >>> Download

and type following settings on there >>

In Custom HTTP Server:

In Custom Socket server :

use idea gprs settings

Tags: Ethical Hacking,idea,airtel,gprs,free internet,opera mini,ucweb,operamini handler.

(Tested in kerala 100% working ....)

(Got all these tricks from googling , all credits goes to it's original developers )

Hodgepodg cocc

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