Trick to get all free serial keys on goole search !!!!

Most of the software are available for trial version after trial version we are looking for crack, serial no, keygen, patch and most of us don’t known where to get Serial No & wasted the lot’s of time for searching on google. So this is the trick to search in Google for any serial key of any software.
Go to Google and type Same as below:-
94fbr idm
94fbr nero
94fbr avast
proxifier 94fbr
                                      we can use 94fbr in both types either 94fbr followed by software name or software name followed by 94fbr.94FBR was part of a Microsoft Office 2000 product key that was released on the internet that bypassed Microsofts activation system.Because it is a relatively uncommon term, when you add it to your search queries, it will generally return results of pages listing illegal serial numbers.
Reference :-

Hodgepodg cocc

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