How to make a simple html button for your blog ?

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To make simple text link :- 

<a href="URL HERE">Text for link</a>
For example <a href="">e-infosite.tkk</a>

To Make the Button

 <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="ClickHere Button">

  Here's what each parts means:
  • FORM tells the computer a form item is going here.
  • METHOD tells the computer how to handle the form command.
  • ACTION denotes what connection you want to make. Here we made a connection to something called "Page1.htm."
  • INPUT TYPE tells what type of input will occur . In this case you want to "submit" something. You see, the FORM command above is looking for a link. Here you are "submitting" a link.
  • VALUE is the wording that appears on the button. 
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