How to send Secret message or How to hide a secret Word in any digital picture

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 If You want to send a secret message or note to your friend, partner or other, but don't know to how to send that message to them that no one can suspect you. Then this post will describe you how to create and send a secret  message through a picture that no one can suspect you.
          First choose any picture to hide your message behind it (Tip:-Keep your image file size low. If it is not, then it'll take more time to open that image file in text editor.).Notice Picture file name ,For example i choose a picture from my gallery named as rose.jpg) .Put  it in any driver (i have copy and past my picture in D: drive )

Then go to Command Prompt (Star>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt or Start >Run then Type "cmd " .It will open command Prompt window.

Then just go to Drive where your picture is, (In my case it is Dive D: )
To do this just type D:  and press enter
you can show your picture in D: drive by using Dir /p command
Then Type echo "Type your Secret message here" >> picture name.jpg
example: echo "Hi My Friend ,How are You? " >> rose.jpg

top secret,hide secret message,send secret message ,tips to hide secret message
 Done.Your Secret Picture is ready!!! Send it to your friend or to whom you wish.

Then How to verify ? or How to decode secret code from picture ? Or How to read secret message from secret Picture ?

Open the Secret picture rose.jpg in Notepad or Wordpad or any text editor.
Scroll down to the end and you can see that secret message.
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Ok!!! Now check it yourself !!! You have Secret Picture message Waiting Here > <<<Download now>>> 
top secret,hide secret message,send secret message,tricks to hide message

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