Friday, 20 July 2012

Windows Command to restart or shutdown neighbor computer remotely

You can shutdown or restart any remote or neighbor computer if you know it's IP address or computer name.
In your computer ,Go to start menu > Run Then type cmd (To open command prompt )
In command Prompt,
Use below command to shutdown any pc
shutdown -s -t -c "any message " -m
Here switch "s"-stands for shutdown.You can use "r" for restart or "l" for log-off
t- Countdown time.Give it in second
c- any commends or message
m - remote computer

Example :- shutdown -s -t 25 -c "Your computer will restart within 25 second" -m


this one is real command.

shutdown /s /f /c "Your Comment" /m \\

/s = Shutdown
/f = Force running applications to close without forewarning users
/c = Comment/message
/m \\ = computer Specify the target computer

both will work,i tried it in windows 7...Thanks for your comment...:)

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