free high speed 3g internet on airtel-Latest working trick August -2012

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Download and install any Opera or UC web Handler browser.(REcommended: Opera Mini )

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Free Download Ful version Opera Mini 6.5 Handler.jar for java phones
Free Download Ful version UC web 7.1 Handler.jar for java phones
Free Download Ful version UC web 8.4 Handler.jar for java phones

Use APN-
Then open Handler
Type or Past following Real host Ip
Real Host Ip for 3G users -
Real Host Ip for 2G users - or or or

Then save and go .
Note:- If you can't complete first installation process of opera,then you need to clear real host ip and change it as "no proxy ". Then allow it to download through your default connection.It may cost 1 rupees or more.After complete the installation process then restart opera and give real host ip as above mentioned and enjoy your free internet.
Caution:- Do this trick at low balance.!

 Browse any free website.
100% working in kerala.

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