How to lock or secure any Driver without using any Third party Software -Windows Tricks

 (Caution!!! :- Don't try to Lock Your C Drive ,Otherwise Windows will not boot next time. )
This post describe how to secure your Driver without any third party software.You can lock your D drive or E drive  using Comment Prompt in windows both windows XP and windows 7.
To do this Just open Command Prompt ,
Go to Start >> Run>>Command Prompt

In Command Prompt,
i ) For Lock Drive  :-

Type:  CACLS  "Driver Letter"  /E   /P   everyone:N
For example:- CACLS e: /E /P everyone:N

       /E - Means Edit ACL (Access Control List)instead of replacing it.
       /P - Means User Permission
After it you can use Switches
       N - None - No permission to everyone
       R - Read
      W - Write
       C - Change (write)
        F - Full Control
i ) For UnLock Drive  :-
Type:  CACLS  "Driver Letter"  /E   /P   everyone:F
For example:- CACLS e: /E /P everyone:F

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