How to transfer balance from airtel to airtel mobile ?

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How to transfer Balance from one airtel number to another Airtel number :-

To transfer Balance from airtel to another airtel mobile, Just type  *141# and send from your airtel mobile You will receive Menu like  1. Share Talk Time 2. Happy hour 3. Talktime 4.Auto Credit..etc. Press OK, reply with 1 Then it will ask for Amount and mobile number Amount.


  • You must have a minimum balance of Rs. 17 to  transfer minimum amount of Rs 5. 
  • You can share talk time up to 5 times a day and 30 times in a month. 
  • You can share talk time with 10 unique friends every  month.
  • The Airtel will charge you transaction charge of Rs 2 for every transaction  you do

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