Free Download Skype3.6.1.sisx nokia symbian application

free download skype sisx for nokia mobile

Today I searched Skype Symbian version for my Nokia N63.I search it in Nokia OVI  store and skype website but i can't find it . Now i understand they are stopped supporting and developing Symbian Version . I have Quote What they are Saying in Skype website about it :

Why is Skype for Symbian no longer available for download? Symbian wasn’t built for the cloud-connected world, so we are retiring the Skype for Symbian app and focusing on bringing the best possible experience to the most popular mobile platforms: Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. The app will be removed from the Nokia store; however, users who have already downloaded the app can continue to use it.                 
So i decide To share one have in My backup folder

Free Download Skype for Nokia Symbian Series Here >>

free download nokia symbian skype sisx

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